Which nurse practitioner degree to pick? AGACNP vs. AGNP vs. FNP

Which nurse practitioner degree to pick? AGACNP vs. AGNP vs. FNP
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So many choices! I was enrolled in an online NP program at Maryville University, and it was the AGACNP variety.

I went with the AGACNP because I want the option of working in the hospital, and also because I have no interest in working with women or peds. One thing that concerns me is being hired in the ED because they may want a provider who can treat everyone including women and peds…

Here’s some more info for you to consider if you’re debating between these degrees:

The AGACNP track will take longer to complete than FNP and AGNP

For Maryville University (and I assume similar elsewhere), the AGACNP has to complete 3 full clinical rounds, each with 250 hours.

The FNP has the same amount of clinical rotations (3), but they are not 250 hours each, so the total hours are less. This puts the FNP length somewhere in the middle of both adult types.

The AGNP is the shortest because there are only 2 full-length clinical rotations.

Where do you want to do your clinicals?

If you are going for the AGACNP you can do clinicals in the hospital for every rotation. I know personally, it makes it much easier since I work in the hospital and already have contacts there.

FNP and AGNP rotations are not eligible for hospital-based clinicals. You will have to do urgent or primary care. That means doctors offices, nursing homes, etc.

Where do you want to work?

AGACNP can work in the hospital. FNP and AGNP cannot unless they get acute care certifications.

Anyone else getting their MSN? What program are you in? How do you like it?