What is the BEST NCLEX Program for Practice Questions? 2021

For this comparison, we looked at 3 of the best NCLEX programs that focus solely on practice questions from Archer Review, Nurse Plus, and UWorld.

We tried to make this as fair as possible, so we picked programs that had similar features and access times from each brand.

Please keep in mind that this comparison ONLY applies to NCLEX practice question programs, and not full-featured NCLEX programs.

How the comparison works

We picked program features that make up a good program and assigned a ranking to each program for each category:

  • Passing rate
  • Money back guarantee
  • Practice questions
  • NCLEX simulations
  • Price/Value

After scoring each feature for the programs, we averaged the totals for a final average score.  Here are the results:

 ArcherNurse PlusUWorld
Passing rate003
Money back guarantee030
Practice questions333
NCLEX simulations331
Program Price$29$49$129
Coupon Coden/aNURSEJANXn/a
Price after discounts$29.00$39$129

Nurse Plus Coupon Code

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Bottom Line

Both Archer and Nurse Plus scored much better than UWorld at better prices. Although Nurse Plus took the lead, Archer Review did come in at a lower price, even without a discount code. You won’t go wrong with either program, they’re both great.

In our opinion, Archer Review scores the best when considered as a full-featured NCLEX program including content review. You can use coupon code Nursejanx to Save 15% OFF on all their Combo Programs!

We recommend both Archer Review and Nurse Plus over UWorld.