Everything You Need to Know About HCAHPS

This post will have ongoing updates to remain current as things change. ¬†Here’s a list of points for this article: What are HCAHPS? How are HCAHPS scores determined? What is the inclusion/exclusion criteria for the HCAHPS survey? What questions are on the HCAHPS survey? What is Hospital Value Based Purchasing (VBP)? What are HCAHPS? HCAHPS …

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How the NCLEX Really Works

We now live in a digital age.  Gone are the old-fashioned days of paper and pencil, and say hello to computer adaptive testing.  So what?  Why should we care?  Are there any advantages?

7 Things You Need To Do Before You Take Your NCLEX

If you are reading this article, then odds are you’ve finished nursing school, so congratulations! ¬†Now you can focus all your attentions on slaying the beast that is the NCLEX. ¬†Here are seven things you need to do before you take your NCLEX…

What Kinds of Questions Are On the NCLEX?

If you are preparing to take the NCLEX, then congratulations on passing nursing school!  Only one more obstacle remains between you and your future career as a nurse.  So what kinds of questions are on the NCLEX?

Workplace Violence

Healthcare is crazy. ¬†Unrealistic HCAHPS, abysmal¬†staffing, being chronically underpaid and overworked… these are just a few of the many joys we get to deal with, but for the focus of this article, let’s tackle workplace violence.

How to Float an IV Through Valves

Valves are one of the leading causes of blown veins and failed IV starts, but if you know how, you can float an IV through them. Here’s how to float an IV through valves!