How to start a nursing blog website

There are many reasons to want to start a blog.  A blog can be a great way for nurses to:

  • Express themselves
  • Therapeutically vent
  • Tell their stories
  • Improve their writing skills
  • Document their journey as a nurse

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So how do you get started?

Starting a blog can be downright simple.  The easiest way to get started would probably be to start an account with WordPress or Blogger.  I recommend WordPress, but both platforms are free to use and have simple interfaces that will get you up and running in no time for absolutely free!

I suggest most nurses start with one of these platforms, and as their audience grows, they might want to transition to a unique domain name and become self-hosted.


Get a unique domain

This is optional, especially at first, but if you want your own domain like, then you can get a great deal using Google Domains.  Google gives you a good rate on a domain name and also throws in nice features like registration privacy for free.


Start creating content

Now for the fun part.  You get to start writing your blog posts.  They can be about anything you want them to be about, but if you want them to be more popular, you should think about what people might want to google search.

This is probably the most important part of starting a successful blog, so be sure to spend a lot of time writing your posts.  Content is king!


Make your content pop

Make your content interactive and stand out.  An easy way to add some flash is to find some good pictures to go along with your content.  I highly recommend a site called Pexels.  They have a ton of high-quality stock images that you can use.  The best part is that it’s 100% Free!


Search engine optimization (SEO)

Next, you might want to get your blog noticed.  You can use awesome free tools like Yoast which will help submit your posts to search engines like Google, Bing, etc.  Yoast can also help you come up with a good title and description for your blog post so they stand out more in the list of search results.

You will also want to come up with tags and use keywords for your posts so that it makes it easier for search engines to find them.


Share your posts

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Google, YouTube, Instagram, etc.  Spread the word and share your posts with your friends.  Social media is great for bloggers.


Stay at it

Consistency is key and these things take time.  I wouldn’t expect most blogs to be wildly successful immediately after you start posting.  It may take years to gain a large audience, so patience is essential.


How does Nursejanx do it?

We’re website pros, and definitely running a more advanced setup than most, but we started with managed hosting.  Managed hosts are companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground, Inmotion, etc.

These options can be a cheap and easy way to get started with self-hosting, but there may come a time when you want more control and want to move to unmanaged hosting where you have root access to your servers.  It can also be cheaper since you’re only paying for the raw materials and no additional services.

Here’s the rundown of how our sites work.

  • We use cloud-based virtual servers from Vultr.  These servers are insanely fast and powerful, and they start as cheap as $2.50/month.
  • We use ServerPilot to manage our hosting.  Basically, Vultr is just a server, and ServerPilot gives us an interface to install apps like WordPress.
  • The main Nursejanx site and the Nursejanx Store are both powered by WordPress.
  • The Nursejanx Forum is powered by Discourse.


Have fun!

Most importantly, remember to have fun.  If you have fun blogging, you’ll want to keep doing it no matter how successful your blog is.  There are more reasons to blog than just building a following and making money.  This is also for you!

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