Pearson Vue Trick 2018 – Does the PVT still work?

YES! The Pearson Vue trick still works in 2018 🙂

The Pearson Vue trick is a way to see if you’ve passed your NCLEX without getting your official results.

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Step 1

Submit your NCLEX and wait for the results to be transmitted to the main Pearson Vue servers. This will most likely be almost immediate, but it may take up to a few hours after you click the submit button at your NCLEX testing location.


Step 2

Go to to try and re-register for another NCLEX.

WARNING! We recommend entering an incorrect expiration date on your credit card to prevent getting charged during this trick.

Pearson Vue and the NCSBN state that they do not issue refunds for any reason.


Passing results

The most accurate passing result is the inability to pay to re-register for another NCLEX attempt.

If Pearson Vue lets you re-register for another NCLEX attempt and actually takes your money, then this is not a passing result.

That being said, there are a few pop-ups or messages that have been associated with a passing NCLEX attempt.


Passing message

Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time.


Alternate passing message

Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time.

Please note that with either of these messages (or even lack of any message at all), the most important factor is payment.


Failing results

If the website lets you follow through with an additional registration attempt and allows you to enter your billing information, then, unfortunately, you have not passed the NCLEX.


Why is this a failing indicator?

Pearson Vue does not want to be issuing refunds left and right, so they have designed their website to not collect payments from people who have passed their NCLEX.


Is the Pearson Vue trick accurate?


Yes, the Pearson Vue trick works!

Yes, for years now, thousands of people have had luck using this method before the official results are processed and posted. The reason for the delay in official results is because they need to be verified by a human and paperwork needs to be processed in conjunction with your state’s board of nursing.


Is the Pearson Vue trick free?

Yes, you do not have to pay for the Pearson Vue trick. If the site lets you re-register and asks you to pay for another test, then you haven’t passed.

Is the Pearson Vue trick different from “Quick Results”?
The trick is actually a faster and completely free alternative to Pearson Vue’s “Quick Results” which are official results but will cost you. The trick is not official.


Are there PVT false positives?

Some people have reported receiving perceived negative or failing pop-up messages but still ended up passing their NCLEX. Despite the less than ideal pop up message, we have not found a single person who was able to pay for another NCLEX testing attempt who ended up passing.

TL;DR: If Pearson Vue takes your money when you attempt to re-register, we are very certain you’ve failed your test 🙁

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