Hurst Now & Hurst Now Plus NCLEX Review 2020

This is a review of Hurst now in Hurst now plus, before we get started I do want to say that this product was given to us by free so that we could review it, but all thoughts are our own.

What are Hurst now and Hurst now plus?

Hurst now and Hurst now plus are online self-guided versions of Hurst NCLEX preparation programs. Both Hurst and Hurst now plus include:

  • On-demand access to all online content (90 or 120 days)
  • Access to the Hurst qbank which contains over 1500 practice questions
  • 4 Readiness exams

Hurst now plus offers Elevate which is additional high-yield content, as well as payment plan options, and an extra 30 extra days access to all content.

How are the programs structured?

When you purchase Hurst now or Hurst now plus, you will receive your student manual in the mail.

Your student manual is what you will use to follow along with the video lectures provided by Hurst. The book is 273 pages long and you will fill out the entire book by the time you are done. This book is the same one that is given to students using Hurst live and Hurst and stream. you will cover everything including fluids and electrolytes, Burns, acid-base, oncology, endocrine, cardiac psych renal GI, ortho, neuro maternity peds management care, and general NCLEX strategy.

The video lectures are high quality and not just powerpoints with a voiceover.  They feature helpful video animations, down to earth teaching styles that are easy to understand even complex subjects, and an encouraging learning experience that is going to provide you with the confidence that you’ll need to pass the NCLEX on your first try.

Even though this is based on Hurst live and hurst n-stream which are three-day courses, when you purchase hurst now or hurst now plus, you can complete the entire program on your own time, which is convenient if you have to schedule around school or work.

Which Hurst product do I recommend?

All of the products are great, but it depends on what your needs are.

If you are a self-guided learner like I am, I would choose with Hurst Now.  To me, I think the value is the highest because you get everything that I would want for the best price.  You get the content lectures, you get the practice questions, you get the readiness assessments.  What’s not to like?

If you want all of Hurst now but also with additional content because you feel you really need extra and you also want payment plan options, then I would suggest hurst now plus.

If you’re the type of person who learns best in a classroom, and you know that you’re no good in a self-guided learning environment, then you should give strong consideration to Hurst live or Hurst N-stream.  This way you can interact with other students, have proctored guidance through the entire program, and get the option to ask your teacher questions.

All of Hurst’s products are going to provide access to Hurst content, practice questions, readiness assessments, and are all going to be backed up by Hurst’s 100% money-back guarantee and 98.6% first-time passing rate.  Regardless of which program suits you best, we have discount codes for all Hurst’s products, and we’ll leave them down in the description box so you can check those out and save some money.


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