How to be more successful as a nurse

For the last couple of years, I have been able to sustain my standard of living while cutting back on the hours that I work as a nurse from full time to part-time / PRN.

So if you want to learn how to do that, then keep watching this video.

Of course one of the most popular and common ways for people to increase the amount of money that they earn is to increase your salary. I have already made a video about this, and I will think that above so you can check that out if you have not already seen that.

You are also going to want to get a great handle on your personal finances. There are many YouTube channels and websites out there that have a wealth of information on this topic, so I do not want to reinvent the wheel in this video, but I will give you a brief overview of some of the best ways that I have found:  get out of debt, use credit cards for the rewards without accruing interest, create a lean budget and stick to it,  live below your means, invest your money and utilize compounding interest to your advantage.

These are all great ways to help you save more money, and earn more money while essentially having the same job and salary.

But this video is going to focus on other methods that you may not have thought of and it is a type of passive income specific to nursing.

For this, you’re going to want to channel your inner creative and entrepreneurial self.

For me, I started Nursejanx in 2015. at the time, I wanted to make a website and share the wealth of knowledge that I had gained from nursing school, passing the NCLEX, and working for a few years as a nurse. I felt like this information could be valuable and useful to other nurses and students were going through the same process that I had,  and it would be something fun for me to do and possibly make some money on the side.

Now this might have been easier for me than some of you watching this video, because I already had the skill set necessary to create a website, but fortunately for you all there are easier ways to get started if you would like to do the same, and there are lots  of ways that you all can start a website without any kind of coding knowledge.

But honestly, if I had to do it all over again, I don’t even know if I would initially start with a website, certainly if I was not already proficient in making websites.

Instead, I think I would focus my attention on existing platforms such as social media companies like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The advantage of using these existing platforms, is they already have established audiences that you will be easily able to tap into, instead of having to cultivate them on your own.   it can also be very difficult to get a brand new website up and running to the point where people can easily find your content, and while this is somewhat true as well for YouTube and other platforms, it is still easier to get seen by people on these platforms than if you were to try to create a website and hope that people can find you through a Google search.

One of the advantages to having a website, or a YouTube channel, for that matter, is that you get to run ads on your content, and it is a good way to make extra money, because every time people view your content, you get some money by serving ad space.

Another common way that people make money on websites and YouTube, is affiliate links, the most popular are probably Amazon affiliate links, where people will click on a product link and Amazon will give the referring person a small percentage of any confirmed sales.

One of the best ways to make money through YouTube or a personal website, is by building an audience and a brand that is large enough to allow you to create agreements with larger brands and participate in affiliate relationships or advertising arrangements with them. For example, we have affiliate relationship with the company Hurst.  Whenever people use our discount codes to purchase Hurst products at a discounted rate, we actually make a commission on those sales as well. This has become a large revenue stream for us, in addition to using Google AdSense on our website and here on YouTube.

The combination of all of these suggestions such as increasing your salary, really dialing in your personal finances, and starting a side business, has helped me get to the point where I am able to work part time and match the amount of money that I use to make working full-time as a nurse.

So if you would like to stay home more, but maintain a similar lifestyle while working less, then hopefully you all can utilize some of these strategies and it’s video to achieve your goals.

If you have other tips of how to be more successful, particularly as a nurse, please let me know down in the comments. if you like this video, please give us a big thumbs-up, subscribe to this channel for future videos and we will see you on the next one, take care.

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