How to be More Productive as a Nurse

Time is the most valuable resource in the world.  

Use prioritization and establish an initial plan

  • Quickly figure out at the start of the shift who will need the most attention
  • Might want to get quick low priority patients done and out of the way initially so you can focus on longer more complicated tasks for more complex patients after… or if the attention is needed for the complicated patients first, then do that.
  • Just form a plan and communicate that to your patients so there are no surprises and unhappiness.

Cluster care

  • Do meds, assessment, and shift set up all at the same time
  • Don’t waste time… Fill gaps with charting
  • Wasted time is not productive
  • Sometimes people are extra chatty, which is fine
  • Use that time to listen, but also be productive
  • You can assess, give meds, chart, and do other tasks while talking to someone
  • Might not hurt to have a rescue phone call from another nurse if needed

Be proactive rather than reactive

  • Anticipate what might not go well, and fix it early (ex:  bad iv in the AC beeping all the time, fix that early)
  • Nourishment makes people happy, they will be more forgiving and content
  • Give a heads up of the shift ahead, and when you will be back next, this may reduce call outs if they know when you’re coming back
  • Ps:  pain, potty, position, periphery, pump

Stay organized with report sheets

  • Nursing is complicated
  • Report sheets can help organize your patients
  • Good for any time you need info fast like if conversing with the doctor, or for giving report
  • This will greatly reduce the time it takes to give and take report by staying focused on pertinent info only
  • Ideally, everyone on your floor can use similar report sheets so everyone’s report is streamlined

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