Archer vs. UWorld

Archer and UWorld are both NCLEX prep options that contain practice questions to help you study.

When compared directly there are several differences:

  • Archer has more practice questions than UWorld
  • Archer has more self-assessments than UWorld
  • Archer has computer adaptive testing (CAT) and UWorld doesn’t
  • Archer has programs that offer content review and UWorld doesn’t
  • Archer has a 99% passing rate compared to 96.4% with UWorld
  • Archer has a SUREPASS combo that includes a 100% money-back guarantee and UWorld does not offer any guarantees on any of their programs
  • Archer is WAY cheaper than UWorld

Archer Review Coupon Code

Use coupon code NURSEJANX to save 15% off all combo programs to save even more on Archer prices.

Bottom Line

Archer Review offers a similar approach to NCLEX prep as UWorld, but they include more features for less money which makes its value proposition so much better in our opinion.

We recommend Archer over UWorld.