4 Reasons why Hurst is BETTER than UWorld for NCLEX Prep!


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This video compares Hurst Now with UWorld 90 day access. Both are big names in the NCLEX prep space, and both are the same price at $199, but there are some big differences that make one come out on top.

Hurst offers content review

UWorld may have nice question rationales but it is no substitute for legitimate content review. Hurst has a structured review program that covers everything you need to know for your NCLEX.

Hurst has twice as many readiness assessments

Hurst has 4 readiness exams and Uworld only has 2. These are basically NCLEX simulations, so the more the better, and Hurst offers double for the same price.

Hurst has a 100% money-back guarantee

Good products should come with a guarantee. Hurst will give you back all of your money if you don’t pass and you complete their program. Uworld won’t, and that’s pretty telling.

Hurst has a 98.6% first-time pass rate

Hurst advertises an impressive 98.6% first time passing rate for those who use their programs. Uworld does not advertise any passing rate, which makes us think they’re not that proud of it.

It is for these reasons and more that we believe Hurst is a better value than Uworld. If you want to use Hurst, be sure to use our Hurst promo codes above to save some money. Let us know your thoughts below!

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